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Dairy Protein Photo © Edited by Quinn Williams In one form or another, protein frequently finds its way onto our annual list of ingredients to watch. But after years of warily eyeing each other from across the room, dairy proteins and plant proteins may be headed toward new levels of tension in 2017. To start with, the latest sales figures for plant protein and whey protein (a dominant player in the dairy-protein space) tell strikingly different stories. After years of slowing growth,

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A few highlights of Honeymark brand Manuka Honey is as follows: Our supplier in New Zealand is a registered member of the Active Manuka Honey Association which ensures that our Manuka Honey is tested for its antibacterial properties and allows us to legally display the UHF trademark on our label; Our Manuka Honey is UHF 16+ which is an active, medical-grade New Zealand or doesn't display a UHF rating or Methylglyoxal level, its potency might be questionable. Honeymark carries active Manuka Honey UHF instead to buy good vitamins and mineral supplements that could dispense going to the hospital

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This has translated into a robust organic industry that has experienced double-digit growth. Mocktails are booze-free, but will still make you smile Nonalcoholic cocktails are thoughtfully constructed, eye-catching and delicious. Just as well, recipes for how to make your own mocktails have been appearing all over the place. Turmeric is hot Turmeric, one of the most heavily researched supplements and dietary ingredients, is showing up all over in juices and tonics, macaroni coloring, and herbal supplements.Turmeric supports a healthy inflammatory response and cognitive function, both highly i

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