Some Useful Guidelines For Selecting Elements Of Grass Fed Organic Whey

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Photo by The Canadian Press/Paul Chiasson Previous story High water levels threatening flood damage to hundreds of homes in Ontario and Quebec will continue to rise, warns the federal environmental engineer in charge of reporting this data to international authorities. The International Lake OntarioSt. Lawrence River Board, a joint Canada-United States body, warned Tuesday that people who live near parts of the Ottawa River, Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River should prepare for major coastal flooding." The warning comes on the heels of one of the wettest Aprils on record that saw Lake Ontario rise 44 centimetres. Flooding has threatened hundreds of residences in the region, and more than 130 homes were evacuated in Gatineau, Que. across from Ottawa as of May 4. Ile Mercier, a small island off Montreal, was submerged by floodwaters, while Rigaud, a town in southwestern Quebec at the junction of the Ottawa River and the Rigaud River, declared a state of emergency. Water levels are going to go higher, because the inflows are still coming in more than we can release, said Gail R. Faveri, an engineer with Canada's national hydrological service inside Environment and Climate Change Canada, and the secretary of the joint Canada-U.S. board. "It's just too much water everywhere" Inflows, such as snow melt from the upper reaches of the Ottawa River, continue to mix with a high volume of rainfall, adding to the torrent of water, she said.

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